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Collaborative Screening

Collaborative Screening is a well established and successful process developed by McCarthyO'Sullivan.

We all know that CV’s often exaggerate a persons experience and past successes. They may also contain information which is untrue. Add this to the fact that some people are good at interviews and others bad, it’s no surprise that the traditional recruitment method often leads to the wrong person being appointed and who may upset customers and colleagues and cost you money.

Collaborative Screening is a simple structured process that uses psychology to attract the right person, screen out unsuitable candidates and identify the most suitable person. It focuses on an individual’s ability, their potential as well as their propensity to get on well with those around them and uses objective criteria to find out what the person is really like.

It helps remove the risk from the decision to appoint, as it is based on objective assessment and complete information.

By consistently filling jobs with competent people, you create a culture of people who are hardworking, trustworthy and loyal and who are able to create value by accelerating the operational success and profitability.
As every company is different, the process is tailored to suit each organisation and the techniques vary according to the job.

To find out how Collaborative Screening can help your organisation contact Margaret O'Sullivan.