mccarthy o'sullivan

Organisational Screening

Organizational Screening is a process developed by McCarthy O'Sullivan to help Clients make better informed decisions about:

  • Restructuring
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • People Due Diligence

Restructuring may be necessary for companies preparing to grow, planning to downsize or make savings through efficiencies.

Mergers and acquisitions present the challenge of integrating two groups of staff and decisions about selecting the right people.

Due diligence often concentrates on the value of assets and ignores the key resource, the people.

McCarthyO’Sullivan use Organizational Screening as an open and transparent process which engages staff whilst discovering their strengths and weakness.

This information is vital to help management plan new structures, identify the best individuals for each job and find out if teams have the ability to perform and deliver.

As every company is different, the process is tailored to suit each organisation and the techniques vary according to the job.

To find out how Organizational Screening can help your organisation contact Margaret O'Sullivan.